The Wedding Day

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Scroll down below to see the flow of a typical wedding day and some of the images that I can capture for you.  

Each part of the wedding day is unique and very special. In years to come, when you look back at your wedding album, it is the images taken on that day that produce memories and often, many smiles!

To start you off I have added a few WOW shots. For these images I require couples that are willing to spend time at their desired shooting location either before or after their wedding day. For couples that opt for my engagement photography, London is an excellent place to create some iconic images. If you want images like this, contact me and we can start planning.

Two lights. One in front and one behind. 

 One light side on.

One light side on.

 A simple LED light.

A simple LED light.

 Two lights. One on them and another on the railing.

Two lights. One on them and another on the railing.

 Two lights. One on them and another on the veil.

Two lights. One on them and another on the veil.


Getting Ready

Getting ready is an important part of the day to capture and is often a time where the girls get together, have a drink or two and have lots of fun!!


The Boys

I love photographing the lads on the wedding day. The girls are always so very prepared but with the boys its all very typically last minute......


The Details

I spend a lot of time photographing the details on your wedding day. After all, you will have spent lots of your time planning the day so that it's perfect, its therefore important that I document those details for you to remember.....


Couple Portraits

It is important to take the time in your day for couple portraits. If you don't like all that posing stuff then that's fine by me - I can do natural and non-posed. On the other hand, if you want a more styled set of images, I can do that as well. When we meet to plan your photography shortly before your big day, these are one of the topics we will discuss to ensure I get what you want.

Group Shots

Love them or hate them, there is no getting away from the fact that group shots make for a fantastic set of images! It's where you get to see all of those outfits, the little children, the grandparents and anyone else who is a V.I.P on your special day.  

The Ceremony

And then after all of that there is this......

“The highest happiness on earth is the happiness of marriage”.
— William Lyon Phelps