UK Funeral Photography

To begin, I am very sorry for your loss. There is little that I can do or say to bring your loved one back or ease your pain. If you are looking for someone experienced to discreetly photograph a funeral then I am able to help. Funerals are an opportunity to bring family, friends and loved ones together so that everyone can celebrate, pay tribute and say goodbye to an important loved one. 

Why Have Funeral Photography?

There are various reasons why families choose to have a funeral photographer.  It is often the case that close family members are unable to attend due to living overseas or some distance away. It may be because of ill health or due to any number of other personal unforeseen circumstances. Having me document the events through photography, such as the arrival of the coffin, the ceremony, readings and final blessings is a real help to many.  For others they just simply want a record of the day as part of a celebration of their loved ones life and accomplishments, with a focus on the personal memories and stories that are shared by friends and family. Whatever your reasons I am always happy to help and we can cover as much or as little of the day as you prefer. 


My approach to funeral photography is to remain as discreet and out of the way as possible. I will use as minimal amount of camera equipment as I can and fear not, there will be no flash photography - I cannot think of anything worse on such an occasion. When we discuss the arrangements there will be an opportunity to finesse the finer details as to what you require from me on the day.

Full UK Coverage

If you would like to have photographs taken to document a funeral of a loved one then please call me on 07787 551 460. If you don't feel like calling then simply head to the contact page, complete the online form and I can do everything online via email if you prefer. Alternatively you can always ask your funeral director to book us directly and ask them to arrange on your behalf. 

 I am more than willing to travel anywhere in the UK. 


Being a funeral photographer is about seeking out kindness and compassion. Documenting a celebration of a life once lived, where family and friends pay tribute and say their goodbyes is an absolute privilege for me.  I work hard to be discreet, sensitively capturing those who attend on the day as everything naturally unfolds. My Funeral Photography Pricing is simple and can be found at the bottom of this page and starts with up to 4 hours of coverage, which is usually enough time to ensure all the main parts of the day are captured. 

Usual coverage includes the arrival of the funeral Cortege, memorial service, the laying of flowers where appropriate. We can also cover the family home, the graveside blessings and the wake if needed. 

Funeral Photography

Up to 4 Hours Coverage with a download link for all your finished images



All high resolution images presented in a beautiful USB Box


Additional hours

If you need more than 4 hours then we can stay a little longer. Not a problem

£100 per hour

Photo Only Tribute Slideshow - £150

Up to 40 Photos
1 x Music Track (you can choose or we can choose)
USB for your film