Do I edit all of the photographs?

          Yes I do! I personally edit every single image to ensure that all of the images you receive are the best that they can be.

How long does it take before we receive our products and photographs?

         My aim is to edit your photographs and have them ready for your viewing within 6-8 weeks. Depending on the type of product you order, there could be anything up to a month wait. All products ordered through me will be delivered direct to your door.

How many pictures will I receive?

This depends on the number of hours coverage, the location, whether the event requires a second shooter etc. On a two hour family shoot I can easily shoot 500 photographs. Any out of focus shots or shots that I am not happy with will be deleted so that you are only delivered the very best. With children there are many more pictures deleted than with a wedding for the simple reason they are far more "free spirited" and don't always do what Mum or Dad (or photographer) tell them :-) With group shots, I will often take several of the same picture but only deliver one. This is because by taking more pictures I am more likely to get a shot where everyone is looking at the camera and smiling. 

Do you have an online gallery?

Yes I have a client gallery which is a private, password protected area where you can view all of your photographs. You can also share the password with friends and family. The gallery has an on-line shopping cart where a variety of products can be purchased, from prints to basic albums. You can download all of the photos from the gallery, removing the need for me to provide you with a USB / disc.

Why does photography cost so much? I could take nice photos on my phone!

Yes, you could take some very nice pictures on your phone I am sure. However, most people have never had any training in photography and have never "posed" people before. Professional photographers have a variety of lenses and use them to mix up the photographs with various depth of field. An iPhone has a fixed aperture that cannot be altered. The biggest factor is that because a camera phone has such a small sensor, you cannot obtain the quality of picture and you are unable to blow the picture up big enough to display as wall art. DSLR cameras and lenses cost a lot of money. Most photographers will have also undergone some form of professional training and all photographers continue to learn new techniques. Editing a 2 hour family shoot can take 8 hours. Local travel can take up to 1 hour in total or more. Album design takes on average 2-4 hours. pre-shoot consultation - 1 hour. Post shoot consultation - 1 hour. As you can see, a client is not just paying for two hours photography. With a wedding these times are stretched even further.

Will I need to sign a contract?

Yes you will. A contract protects both you and me. 

What is your payment plan?

I ask that £200 retainer is paid to confirm your booking and reserve the date. The remainder must be paid no later than one month prior to the shoot.  Any products that you order from me after the shoot must be paid for in full prior to any order being submitted. 

Do I offer any other types of photography?

Yes I do. Whilst my speciality is Wedding photography I also photograph families and christenings, baptisms etc and other family events. Please email me to discuss your requirements. I also have a corporate side to my business covering headshots etc.

Do you charge Travel Expenses?

Not as an extra. However, if the destination is along way from home I reserve he right to charge for travel and overnight accommodation where necessary. 

What equipment do you use?

I use primarily NIKON equipment. I have two Nikon D750 cameras and a D7100 as a backup camera. My lenses are various, my favourites being a  Nikkor 50mm F1.8, Nikkor 24-70 F2.8, Sigma 70-200 F2.8. I also have a macro lens for detail shots, a Sigma 35mm F1.4 and an 85mm F108. I use a variety of flash equipment and strobe lighting for when required or to create those "wow" shots.

Are you insured?

Oh yes! Many venues insist on seeing the proof. Accidents happen. If something does go wrong it is nice to know that we are all covered.