Minley Woods | Anniversary Photo Shoot | Andrew Dawson Photography

I was delighted when Richard called me one afternoon to tell me of his plans to surprise his wife for their 26th wedding anniversary. He told the story of how he had been based at Minley Mannor when he was in the military and this is where his romance had blossomed, ending in their eventual marriage. Richard wanted a gift for his wife that took them back to their time together at this special place and all of the great memories it held of their time there. He chose Andrew Dawson Photography to capture their love story in pictures. Jayden, their lovely dog was to also be featured as it was with Jayden that they enjoyed their walks through the woods whenever possible. So that Richard could give his wife a gift I sent Richard one of my photography vouchers to slip into her anniversary card. 

We met up on a very bright and sunny Sunday morning. We didn't realise until we started our trek that they were filming for a Pokemon movie so naturally the security were a bit concerned that I may be unauthorised press when they saw my camera. Once reassured we set off for a fabulous and really enjoyable walk with lots of photos along the way. 

As a photographer, I really enjoyed this family photography session. It's not often that I get fit whilst taking photos!