Manfrotto Professional roller bag-70 - Pre-review | Andrew Dawson Photography

Professional roller bag-70

I have been amazed at how well my business has grown in the past few years. In that time I have invested in lots of new gear and that means I now have gear overload! Shooting weddings and travelling around means I need to keep my equipment to a minimum. I found that I was taking several bags of gear to weddings and it was becoming a bit silly. 

I needed a bag that would take the majority of my kit but keep me light!!

Manfrotto Roller Bag

I did lots of research and found that most bags were £400 or more. Some were too small and others had poor reviews. I then found the Manfrotto case which was described as being well made to protect your gear and came with excellent reviews!

Manfrotto Roller Bag

I took the plunge and it arrived today. I was concerned that it would not be as big as I wanted and I would not be able to get my gear inside. I needn't have worried. I have been able to put 2xD750 camera bodies and all my lenses. I have also easily placed 4x flashes and triggers inside as well as spare batteries, iPad, and various other items for the wedding day. 

This case will allow me or my assistant to have everything I need close by. It is also designed for travel which means that it will go on board a plane as carry-on and due to its robust design, it will travel in the hold and protect all of my gear. I am looking forward to using it at my next wedding later this month to see how it performs.