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I met Emma and Nick during another event where Nick was lead singer with his band. We got chatting and they mentioned that they were getting married soon. Even spookier was the fact that Emma worked with my cousins wife for the Fire Brigade. Anyway, they decided to book me and I couldn’t wait for their wedding day as it was in Twickenham with a reception on Eel Pie Island which is famous for people such as the great Phil Collins!

As the date got nearer, Emma let me know that she had a surprise for Nick which was a new guitar and he had a surprise for her, a yacht to take them to the reception.

I arrived at the venue early as parking is always difficult in London. I bumped into Ash, the best man who is also in the band and has an accomplished solo singing career. We started the days photography there and then in the car park taking pictures of the guests as they arrived.

The ceremony was small yet beautiful. Then it was on to the gardens of York House which are magnificent. I really mean this. They had everything, even their own version of the Trevi Fountain. The group shots were a challenge as the sun was very bright and there was little to no shade but we managed to find a nice spot. The guests then left for the local riverside pub and we hit the couple shots.

After a nod and a wink from Nick, it was time to head for the yacht. I love the river and I certainly loved this yacht. Oh, to win the lottery! Once on the yacht, Nick discovered his guitar and I swear I saw a tear or two as he was overcome with emotion.

We pulled up outside the yacht club on Eel Pie Island where Nick and Emma were greeted by their guests and a glass of champagne. They had decided on an afternoon tea for their reception which was novel and very sophisticated - just right for a river based wedding with yachts.

Enjoy the images and if you are getting married I would love to chat.

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